Past Events

First meeting of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Investment Partnership

We are pleased to announce that this first meeting will be held at the Development Bank of South Africa at Midrand between the 27th and 28th June, 2011.


The purpose of the meeting is to start the process of developing a mechanism for investing in African enterprises in the aquaculture and fisheries sector. The meeting will achieve this purpose by:

  • Bringing together potentially interested people who represent organisations that are able to bring this about.
  • Highlighting the investment and developmental potential offered by the fisheries and aquaculture sector.
  • Examining the current situation – both in terms of access to investment and application of investment.
  • Identifying gaps and opportunities.


27th June 2011

  1. Opening Session
  2. Access to Finance: Where could fisheries and aquaculture SMEs obtain investment?
  3. Access to Finance: Where do fisheries SMEs obtain investment?
  4. Access to Finance: Where do aquaculture SMEs obtain investment?

28th June

  1. Gap Analysis: Opportunities and challenges
  2. Wrap up of proceedings and presentation and adoption of the way forward

Resource documents, case studies and slides now available.


Participation is by invitation only. However, a small number of places have been kept open for people who may have an interest in attending. If you are interested in attending and if you haven’t received an invitation, please contact Thatohatsi Motsoane with details of your connection with the sector and your interest in attending.

Thatohatsi Motsoane
Work +27 82 057 4147